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Information Designfor Metric Insights Platform Development

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Our global retailer client had migrated their analytics to the cloud and its ecosystem of tools three years ago. With greater self-service access to more data, analysts and data scientists were proliferating reports faster than decision-makers could consume and understand them.

The most important KPIs were often buried in interactive dashboards designed to appeal to the broadest audience, and users had to hunt for what they needed. The Analytic team was burdened by increasing custom data requests and priorities as an antidote for information overload, ultimately perpetuating the problem. Leadership wanted a more streamlined experience.

Collâgiate Solution: Integrated Intelligence

Collâgiate Analytics charted tiers of information consumption across the enterprise for a set of critical business reports, gathered requirements for launching a portal prototype, and established alignment across teams and leadership around push versus portal approaches to serving up analytics insights.

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