Intelligence Media and Analytics Solutions for Enterprises

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Transforming the dimly-lit world of hard to define data points into illuminated, sharply focused recommendations transmitted through a variety of media and device channels


Big or Small Complex Data


Visualization Beyond the Software Box


Streamlined delivery across the organization

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Our client use cases are diverse — from sales analytics to IoT and advanced applications.

Our Story

We provide analytic platform and visualization architecture through services of data architecture and web engineering to deliver an integrated analytic solution.

  • Platform & Visualization Architects
  • Data & Web Engineers
  • Technology Artists-in-Residence

We have a passion for exploring visualization solutions that bring the imaginable to life and deliver Information Age solutions that aim for advanced business intelligence.



We share what catches our attention in the industry. Whether its news about the technology we follow, features that make an impact on the work in our field or profiles of our favorite practitioners, we'll post them here.

Our Partners.

Metric Insights

Metric Insights enables leading organizations to empower their business users with timely, relevant and actionable data

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Velocity Ops

Experts in distributed compute and parallel processing


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